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CNC Plasma

CNC Plasma

CNC Plasma Cutting

Core Mettallic Industries LLC provides CNC Plasma cutting on Mild Steel Plates upto 60mm. Our Machine can accomadate sheets size upto 6.5M X 2.2M.

Advanatages of Plasma Cutting

Comparing with other cutting technologies plasma cutting can de- liver faster cuts with higher quality. In addition, plasma is able to cut many different types of metal, including painted, rusted or dirty metal. Plasma systems are also suitable for a range of metal thick- nesses: from metal that’s more than 65 mm thick to very thin 1-2 mm thick metal. Another advantage of plasma, it that is can operate solely on electricity and compressed air. These and other ad- vantages ensure that plasma is able to deliver significantly lower cutting costs per meter than oxyfuel in specific applications.

Quality is another driving factor when choosing metal cutting equipment. Overall, the cut quality produced by plasma is much better than oxyfuel.There is less dross when cutting with plasma and the small amount of dross produced is very easy to remove. Plasma cutting requires less time to master and produce quality results. Because of its high cutting speeds, the heat input into the work piece is greatly reduced. With plasma you don’t have to worry about plate warping on thin materials (1-6 mm).